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Certified Evaluators

Certified Evaluators

At bestofluxury.com we provide recommendations through our evaluation and rankings of luxury goods and services in a variety of markets ranging from aviation to fashion. We work with independent experts and enthusiasts with interests in our areas which we evaluate in order to highlight the most luxurious in each industry.

Numerous opportunities are available for experts and enthusiasts with interests in various luxury markets. We seek input from experts that are currently engaged in the market in which they specialize who do not exhibit signs of bias or reviews on the behalf of a company or agency which maintains a bias for a specific product, service, or brand. Individuals with experience in research, marketing, and business development are urged to apply to become a certified evaluator for bestofluxury.com.

Each of our certified evaluators are enthusiasts in their area of expertise. We are actively looking for evaluators that are passionate about what they are evaluating and have an extensive knowledge of luxury goods. Many of our most valued evaluators have had successful careers in the luxury goods market or have had experience with working with or utilizing various luxury brands. They are also able to effectively communicate their opinions in written and oral form and are dedicated to their field with continued research.

To apply to become a certified evaluation for bestofluxury.com, give us a call, send us an e-mail, or fill out our contact us form to learn more about the opportunity.



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