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Certified Evaluators

Our Research Methodology

Our research methodology provides our visitors with insightful reviews of luxury products and services from around the world. We believe this provides enthusiasts with information they will be able to use to make a more informed purchasing decision on which brands and services provide them with the greatest luxury experience available.


Industry Intelligence


Through researching each product and service industry, we obtain valuable information about past, present, and future trends relating to the highest echelon. Various industry professionals and experts are contacted in order to receive their analysis of our information and to obtain their unique opinions and knowledge on each particular subject. This results in the identification of major dynamics within each industry to further improve upon our internal and evaluation processes.


Study Latest Innovations and Trends


Our experts utilize the industry intelligence and research reports which we receive in order to better understand how the industries are changing, how the state of global economies affect the quality and availability of products and services around the globe, and how these changes affect you. Factors including weather, political changes, and technological advancements can force providers of luxury goods and services to make internal changes to adapt. We take the time to research and understand how these internal changes affect the quality of the products and services which are featured on our website.


Consumer Reviews & Interaction


Valuable information is obtained from individuals who have utilized various products and services recently and historically in order to obtain judgments directly from the consumers. We create two-way conversations with consumers in regards to the products and services which they use on a day-to-day basis and the ones which provide them with their best and worst experiences. This allows us to take into consideration how consumers view and use products and services beyond a mere evaluation, allowing us to evaluate them from a lifestyle point of view.


Conduct Evaluation


Upon gathering our information and research, we spend time evaluating various products and services in order to compare them across various metrics and industry expectations. Our certified evaluators utilize this information and their own expert knowledge of these products and services in order to rank them based on five areas of evaluation and other soft factors which affect the overall experience for those looking for the finest which life has to offer.


Performance Rating and Ranking


The end result of this process is a list of the best products and services in each industry separated based on the type of product or service being provided and the five areas of evaluation which were determined to be most important for the luxury industry as a whole. A performance rating is a numeric value based on the established criteria for each category. These rankings are released on a monthly basis to reflect new offerings and market trends.