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bestofluxury.com provides an advertising service which engages advertisers with our target audience of luxury enthusiasts and connoisseurs. Our advertising policy has been structured to protect the interests of both the clients and the companies providing the products and services featured on our website. We wish to provide a safe and acceptable environment to our users; therefore we offer our advertising services to a select group of advertisers.

Our advertisers are comprised only of third-parties that do not provide products or services that fall under the areas of evaluation we provide. Third-party advertisers may include other publications, websites that provide value to a luxury audience, and product and service providers that provide to a particular niche which we currently do not evaluate. We will not entertain any advertising from companies that do not fall under these requirements.

Advertisers received access to a relevant and targeted audience with interests in the highest quality of goods and services. Our audience is very affluent and comprises of professionals and enthusiasts with interests in luxurious experiences. Furthermore, you’re able to communicate with a global audience which may be potentially interested in your message.

For more information on various areas of advertising, our advertising policies, or specifications and requirements of various ads, click here. To learn more about our advertising offerings, give us a call or fill out our contact form.

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