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Our certified evaluators are enthusiasts, collectors, and connoisseurs who are passionate about their respective hobbies and interests. They are individuals who have a wealth of experience and intricate knowledge relating to their individual passions. Certified evaluators are dedicated to a single type of luxury product or service ranging from fine dining to the finest electronics.

We connect with enthusiasts in order to obtain insight form a group of individuals dedicated to reviewing products and services relating to their interests. We understand that passion can define one’s level of expertise, especially in luxury markets. We look for highly educated individuals with a range of knowledge, expertise, and different backgrounds to give us a more complete picture of the products and services we review and recommend on our website.

All enthusiasts that become certified evaluators for bestofluxury.com must be college graduates or have a level of higher learning relating directly to their specific passion. We look for individuals who do not represent the bias or branding of a specific product or service provider in order to honor our impartiality. Individuals must prove their qualifications to us and other certified evaluators with exceptional knowledge and research skills. We also look for individuals who have experience in both research and marketing.

If you’re interested in apply to become a certified evaluator for bestofluxury.com, give us a call, send us an e-mail, or fill out our contact us form.

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