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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is bestofluxury.com?

We are an independent research company with a focus on evaluating and ranking luxury products and services in order to provide enthusiasts with valuable information they can use to make the right buying decision.

What does bestofluxury.com do?

Our evaluation and ranking service is a core offering on our website. We provide rankings of different luxury products and services based on the professional opinions of our certified evaluators. We also offer a marketplace where consumers can view more information and learn about several product and service offerings to find the right fit for them. We offer various filtering options to assist with pinpointing the perfect product or service.

What makes us independent?

We are not affiliated with any public administrative agencies, government entities, non-profit organizations, or otherwise related to any private parent or subsidiary companies that would otherwise undermine its impartiality in performing evaluations of various products and services. We have no financial or ownership interest in any of the product and service providers we evaluation and rank.

Who are our evaluators?

Our certified evaluators are enthusiasts, collectors, and connoisseurs who have experience in their various areas of interest. They provide us with their professional opinions on the quality of products and services which they review in order to assist us with evaluation and ranking. We prefer to keep our evaluators anonymous to protect them from the potential for bias through various methods and to protect the integrity of our evaluation and ranking service.

How do we benefit enthusiasts?

We understand the enthusiasts are looking for the best products and services to provide them with the complete experience. Enthusiasts look for products and services that will give them the greatest enjoyment or the best experience that one can achieve in each area. We provide our rankings of the best products and services through the use of professional certified evaluators and a research team dedicated to identifying the products and services that will be able to achieve what enthusiasts set out to accomplish.

How do we benefit product and service providers?

The companies that provide the products and services we evaluate and rank are benefited through the traffic and recognition they gain from being featured on our website. We provide exposure for luxury services looking to obtain access to a generation of online shoppers or those who turn to the internet to find the latest luxury goods and services. We offer these companies the opportunity to increase their return on investment and obtain more clients.

What makes these products or services the best?

There are a number of ways that one can assess the quality of any good or service. Since individuals may have differing opinions on what constitutes as the “best”, we obtain opinions from a variety of professionals interested in the luxury markets in order to create a comprehensive view of what is generally considered to be the best. While we believe this assist us with creating a valid ranking list of the best products and services for each area of interest, we understand that there will be others that disagree with these rankings and also note that these are our opinions. We would like to remind all enthusiasts to do their due diligence before purchasing a luxury product or service.

Can I apply for consideration to be ranked?

We invite all luxury product and service providers to apply to be considered for our rankings. We evaluate a large number of products and services that may or may not appear on our rankings and in many cases invite them to join our marketplace. Companies that cater to luxury industries will be allowed to offer their products and services through our marketplace. We monitor our marketplace and only allow luxury providers to join bestofluxury.com.

How do you evaluate these products and services?

Our research team has been dedicated to evaluating and ranking products and services in various industries since 2002. We have created specific criteria to identify key aspects of luxury industries and have connected with various professional enthusiasts in order to maintain a network of certified evaluators that assist us with our evaluation. Evaluations are carried out in a four step process as follows:

Step One: We are contacted by parties who are interested in being considered for our evaluation and ranking service on bestofluxury.com. These parties are researched to identify their place in their respective industries to ensure that they provide a quality product or service in the luxury industry. We ensure that each company provides a legitimate product or service which can be evaluated and reviewed by our certified evaluators.

Step Two: We will charge each party a standard fee for evaluation in order to maintain the costs associated with consultation by our certified evaluators. This is to ensure that we are able to spend the right amount of time providing research and evaluation for each product and service being evaluated as a part of bestofluxury.com.

Step Three: Our certified evaluators will begin a critique of each product and service being evaluated in order to provide a comprehensive view from all evaluators involved in the process. We ensure that the evaluation is based on our comprehensive evaluation criteria while taking into account individual views on the overall quality and appeal of each item.

Step Four: Our ranking and recommendation of products and services is directly based on the results from the evaluation process. We provide our rankings to a large number of consumers interested in the best products and services from luxury providers around the world.

Can I also advertise?

bestofluxury.com provides an ethical advertising service which engages advertisers with our target audience of luxury enthusiasts and connoisseurs. Our advertising policy has been structured to protect the interests of both the clients and the companies providing the products and services featured on our website. We wish to provide a safe and acceptable environment to our users; therefore we offer our advertising services to a select group of advertisers.

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